Case Studies


Jetchem Systems Limited has most recently, along with one of our trading partners, completed an order to Bahrain. This order was a simple requirement for a diesel skid mounted jetting unit which is to be mounted onto the back of a flat bed truck for general water jetting applications.

Supplied with a performance of 4000psi @ 12 gall per minute, this is to be a general drain and sewer pipe jetting unit for diameters up to 9ins and some 12ins pipes. Following discussions with our customer it was decided that a vanpack based upon our standard 48hp unit would fit our customers request perfectly.

Supplied with a hydraulic main jetting reel as standard, along with an inlet hose reel for easy tank re-fill, all on one integral skid frame for easy transportation to Bahrain, and a very simple installation for our customer.

We supplied a standard fitting kit with which consists of cross members with pre drilled fixing points so the customer only had to locate the perfect positioning, fix the cross members in place then fix the jetting unit to the cross members.

Erbil, Iraq

Earlier this year we had a request to tender for an electric skid unit to be used specifically for tube bundle cleaning. Our customer specified the pressure and flow required following past cleaning operations and also that we build a movable skid, mounted on castors and with a steering axle for ease of use round the site.

This unit was manufactured from scratch and was ready for shipping within 8 weeks along with various ancillary equipment including air driven pipe section cleaner with 10ft and 15ft lances and a remote control box.

All equipment was manufactured in Ramsbottom to customers specification, packaged and dispatched within delivery schedule of 8 weeks.